Provigil Generic

All You Need to Know About Provigil 200mg.

Provigil is a medicine mainly used for treating excessive sleepiness that can be considered as the symptoms of sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and other sleeping disorders, like shift work sleep disorder, for example. The medicine can be taken alone or along with other kinds of medications following the doctor’s recommendations.

The medicine comes in 100 mg and 200 mg tablets. According to the studies, Provigil has high effectiveness in making a person stay awake if they’re suffering from sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or sleep disorders. It’s always considered to be the first choice to treat this problem. However, the effectiveness of Provigil hasn’t been tested for kids, so it’s still unknown whether it’s safe for them or not.

How to Use:

Always follow the doctor’s recommendation, and always take your regular intake as prescribed. Follow the directions that are always given on the label. Don’t ever try to take more or less than recommended.

Since the medicine is used for the sake of treating sleeping problems someone suffers from, it’s wise to not share the tablets with others unless the doctor tells you to stop. It’s even more dangerous if someone else has a history of drug abuse.


Provigil may trigger reactions, so be always careful if you drive or work after taking medicine. To prevent this from happening, the doctor will always ask whether you have an allergy or not.

Other than the allergic reactions, it’s also advised not to drink alcohol or other drinks that may directly affect your wakefulness after taking the Provigil.

Possible Side Effects:

The potential side effects may be easily noticed in the appearance. When people are allergic to Provigil, they tend to have certain reactions, such as breathing difficulty, swelling face parts, and an uncomfortable throat.

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