Are you a busy student or working professional? If you need to compete at a higher level Modafinil might be for you. Studies have proven this medicine to be safe and effective over the long term with relatively low side effects.

Product Dosage Quantity + Bonus Price Buy now
Modvigil 200mg 10 Pillen 41.64
Modvigil 200mg 20 Pillen 56.39
Modvigil 200mg 30 + 2 Pillen 74.09
Modvigil 200mg 60 + 4 Pillen 121.29
Modvigil 200mg 90 + 6 Pillen 168.49
Modvigil 200mg 120 + 8 Pillen 215.68
Modvigil 200mg 180 + 10 Pillen 307.13
Modvigil 200mg 270 + 10 Pillen 445.32
Modvigil 200mg 360 + 20 Pillen 589.81
Weight 200 mg
Manufacturer Cephalon
Composition MO
Treatment Narcolepsia (Somnolencia diurna incontrolable)
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip

Modvigil is one of the more popular generic brands of Modafinil, produced by HAB Pharma in India. It has the exact same chemical structure as any other generic Modafinil.

User report and range of benefits:

  • 10+ hours laser focus
  • Increased motivation
  • Less mental blocks or procrastination
  • Clearer speech and verbal articulation

We recommend starting out with a half dois in the morning to see how you react.

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